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When the time comes to choose new flooring for your home or business, it can be a huge headache. Not only because of the wide variety of flooring systems but because no matter what flooring system you choose they may not have everything you need. One may be attractive but won’t offer but doesn’t offer the level of protection you need and vise versa. Thankfully, there is a way you can get that elusive flooring that is both beautiful with high-grade protection and that flooring system is known as a metallic epoxy flooring in Cedar Rapids. Metallic epoxy offers:
  • Extremely Customizable Finish
  • Industrial Grade Performance
  • A Service Life Of 20-30 Years
Ready to learn more about the exotic flooring system we are offering to our neighbors in Cedar Rapids? We have all the information you need about our amazing floor coating down below! Act fast, you can even find out how you can get a free, no obligation quote!
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The Wow Factor
Where Can Metallic Epoxy Be Used?
It doesn't matter where you need new flooring, metallic epoxy floor coatings are a versatile flooring system that can be used anywhere they are needed. Down below we have outlined where our metallic epoxy is able to shine the most:
  • Garage floors
  • Living areas
  • Showrooms
  • Retail industry
  • Restaurants
  • Factories
  • Lounges
  • Hotels/Casinos
  • Basements
  • Aircraft Hangars
Metallic Epoxy Floor

How You Can

Customize Metallic Epoxy Flooring
What home and business owners love about metallic epoxy is the wide range of customization you can achieve with the flooring system. Here is how you can make your flooring system one of a kind:
  • With the help of solvents, squeegees, and trowels, metallic epoxy is able to mimicked to display some of our planet’s most dazzling occurrences such as a sky full of clouds, a blazing fire and even waves crashing into a beach.
  • Are you an extreme enthusiast or do you want to show off your companies logo? We offer the ability to place logos and text by using stencils directly into the epoxy floor coating so you can show off your company without having to worry about the logo becoming dirty or damaged.
  • Metallic epoxy truly is one of a kind flooring system because we mean that your flooring is unique when using metallic epoxy. Metallic epoxy flooring is unable to be perfectly replicated, not even by the contractors that originally installed the epoxy.
  • Metalic epoxy flooring is just one of the many flooring options that we offer, check out the homepage & discover more flooring options!
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Why You Should Use

Metallic Epoxy Flooring
While the total customization of metallic epoxy flooring can be enough for some home and business owners, there is so much more to our concrete coating than meets the eye. Our metallic epoxy offers benefits ranging from improving safety to the safety of your underlying concrete slab. Down below we have outlined the benefits of our metallic epoxy that make it one of the most desired flooring systems on the market:
Metallic Epoxy
Investment Factor
Heres how metallic epoxy flooring in Cedar Rapids can protect and further your investment:
  • Metallic epoxy flooring has a lifespan of decades, meaning the lifecycle cost of the flooring system is cheaper than even traditional concrete flooring.
  • Not only can the epoxy coating itself last decades, but epoxy has also been tested and proven to make the underlying concrete last an average of 2-3 times longer than any other flooring system.
  • For homeowners, metallic epoxy that is placed in the garage or basement has the ability to vastly increase the value of your home thanks to its rarity and long service life
Metallic Epoxy Floor Coating
Life Proof Flooring
Heres why homeowners across the nation are using garage floor epoxy:
  • Metallic epoxy is able to defend itself from everyday life, so here is how you can make your home and facility lifeproof with this flooring solution:
  • Metallic epoxy floor coatings are able to resist a wide array of household accidents such as scratches/abrasions from pets or children, it is a watertight flooring system so you don’t have to worry about spills and it can handle a wide array of dropped objects
  • Metallic epoxy flooring also offers accident protection from flooding that may result from busted pipes thanks to its super tight bond to the concrete
  • Metallic epoxy also offers resistance to fire and electricity
Metallic Epoxy Flooring
Increased Safety
Through its beautiful design and durability, metallic epoxy can make your home or business safer and here’s how
  • Metallic epoxy flooring can make any area it is placed in up to 300 percent brighter through its superior light reflectivity that can be improved when using lighter colors. This can make objects and tripping hazards on the floor easier to spot.
  • Just like logos, we can use stencils with metallic epoxy to create barriers, walkways, and arrows to make your facility safer and even more efficient in the process
  • Where metallic epoxy offers excellent traction, we can make it better with an additive to give the floor texture
Superior Performance
Superior Performance
Here is why epoxy flooring is considered a high-performance flooring system:
  • Even though metallic epoxy is beautiful, it uses the same 100 percent solid epoxy base as an industrial epoxy meaning it performs just as an industrial epoxy does!
  • Metallic epoxy has a weight tolerance of over 25,000 PSI which is massive compared to the tolerance of high grade concretes tolerance of only 3,500 PSI
  • Metallic epoxy also offers superior chemical resistance against a huge range of harsh chemicals. The epoxy also isolates all moisture and chemicals on its surface to make cleanup and disposal of the chemicals easier on you or your staff
Metallic Epoxy Resin Floor
Easy Maintenance
What business owners and homeowners alike love about metallic epoxy is the easy maintenance that goes like this:
  • There are no messy and expensive waxes or polishes in the maintenance process for metallic epoxy in Cedar Rapids
  • All you need for maintenance is a standard wet mop and a soft bristle broom for all major maintenance and cleaning of the flooring system
  • Deep cleaning and pressure washing are only to be done when completely necessary, not regularly.
  • When it comes to chemical cleaners, only use the recommended cleaners list that will be provided when the epoxy flooring contractor has completed the job
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