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No matter how well your concrete was installed, the grade of concrete used or even how well you take care of your concrete, it will always be lacking the benefits you need and the appeal you desire. Where you may seem lost on what you can do to improve your concrete, we are here to tell you exactly how you can transform your concrete. The answer you have been seeking is a concrete coating of course! With a concrete coating, you have the opportunity to drastically improve every aspect of your existing concrete slab without breaking the bank. Concrete coatings can:
  • Provide Endless Customization
  • Drastically Improve Safety
  • Dramatically Increase Durability
It doesn’t matter what you need from a concrete coating, whether it be an appealing finish or an extremely durable coating, we have something for your home or business. Want to know more about our vast selection of coatings? We have all the information you need down below!
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Something For Everyone
Types Of Concrete Coatings
No matter what style or look you are trying to achieve, there is going to be a concrete coating that is able to help you reach your goals. Down below you will find the coatings that tend to be used in Cedar Rapids:
  • Garage Floor Epoxy
  • Metallic Epoxy
  • Stamped Concrete
  • Sealed Concrete
  • Concrete Polishing
  • Commercial Epoxy
  • Rustic Wood Flooring
  • Industrial Epoxy
  • Graniflex
  • Sundek
Concrete Coatings

Why You Should

Use A Concrete Coating
There are bountiful reasons why homeowners and business owners alike love concrete coatings. Here are a few benefits of using a concrete coating that you can gain right now:
  • While concrete coatings can be used to create astonishing finishes and drastically improve the performance of your existing concrete slab, there is a trait of a concrete coating that improves the integrity of your concrete. A concrete coating can help you remove cracks, gouges and even stains from your concrete slab, thus making the concrete last decades longer
  • Homes that have chosen to use concrete coatings have seen a drastic increase in value ranging from thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars in some cases
  • a number of our concrete coatings offer amazing safety features like slip and skid resistance or even the ability to make your setting brighter
  • To discover more ways that you can use concrete coatings, or to see the other flooring options that we offer, check out the homepage!
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Concrete Coating Services

Offered In Cedar Rapids
Not only do concrete coatings offer amazing benefits, but there are also dozens of concrete coatings that can be used to compliment your home or make your business safer and more efficient. Because the sheer amount of coatings that we offer in Cedar Rapids, you are going to find the coatings that our past clients have loved the most down below:
Garage Floor Coating
Garage Floor Epoxy
Heres all you need to know about the countries most popular garage floor coating:
  • Garage floor epoxy is able to make the garage up to 300 percent brighter without the use of additional lighting sources, saving you money while keeping you safe
  • We offer a wide range of customization for garage floor epoxies such as a wide selection of base colors, the option to use multi-colored or single colored flakes and even metallic pigments
  • Epoxy also offers super fast and simple maintenance with the ability to perform cleanup in a breeze by simply hosing down the epoxy with a garden hose!
Rustic Wood Flooring
Wood Stamped Concrete
Heres why we think rustic wood flooring is a better investment than hardwood flooring:
  • With wood stamped concrete you can have the same beautiful appearance of wood flooring in a much more durable package with a concrete base when you have it stamped
  • To make sure our concrete wood floor is realistic as possible, we use real wood to craft our stamps to make sure you get exactly what you want form wood stamped concrete
  • The best part about concrete wood flooring is that there isn’t any annoying maintenance that you have to deal with in hardwood floors like moisturizing, painting or refurbishing
Rubberized Floor Coating
Rubberized Flooring
Heres why so many homes and business are beginning to lean towards rubberized floor coatings:
  • With a rubber floor coating, you are not using that much of our planet’s resources, not to mention that when the flooring becomes heavily damaged or has aged, the coating is simply recycled into a new coating!
  • A rubber floor coating is also extremely durable as it is able to withstand ample weight, scratches and abrasions and even an assortment of chemicals
  • The biggest benefit of the rubberized floor coating is the increase in safety as it can increase traction and even a softer surface when tripping or falling
Metallic Epoxy Floor
Metallic Epoxy
Heres all you need to know about one of the most exotic flooring systems on the market:
  • Metallic epoxy floorings offer a wide assortment of customization that no other flooring system can achieve. These customizations can lead to your flooring looking like waves, fire, and even clouds
  • Just because metallic epoxy is beautiful doesn’t mean that it is fragile! Our metallic epoxy uses the same 100 percent solid epoxy base as our industrial epoxy flooring so you can expect the same level of performance
  • What most of our clients love about metallic epoxy flooring is that they are unable to be perfectly replicated due to the high volume of chemical reactions, meaning every floor is one of a kind
Basement Epoxy
Basement Waterproofing
Here is why so many homeowners are flocking towards our basement epoxy floor coatings:
  • Basement epoxy flooring is one of the few flooring systems that are able to be placed in the basement with zero consequence. It is because that no matter how much moisture it is exposed to it will never warp or buckle
  • Basement epoxy can also be used in the process of basement waterproofing thanks to it nonporous finish and incredibly high tensile strength so you can enjoy your basement without the humidity
  • Worried about the nasty bacteria that finds its way into the basement on traditional flooring? Well, basement epoxy flooring is even resistant to mold, mildew and other forms of waterborne contaminants
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