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We know how hard you work to keep your company in the black so we know that the last thing you need is more headaches from your flooring system. We also know that industrial facilities tend to be a little harsh on their flooring systems, making damage or wear and tear a huge problem. Thankfully for our business-owning neighbors in Cedar Rapids, we have a flooring system that won’t only withstand the harsh circumstances it is succumbed to, it will thrive in them! The flooring system we are offering is our industrial epoxy floor coating that is capable of:
  • Present A Huge Upgrade In Performance
  • Endless Options For Customization
  • Providing Decades Of Service Life
There is a reason why industrial epoxy flooring is the leading flooring system in the industrial industry. Ready to learn more about our revolutionary flooring solution in Cedar Rapids? We have all the information you need and more outlined down below!
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The Industries Leading Flooring System
Industrial Facilities That Use Industrial Epoxy
When it comes to industrial facilities, industrial epoxy flooring is already one of the most trusted if not the most trusted flooring system available to this date. Down below are a few facilities that strictly use industrial epoxy:
  • Government Facilities
  • Factories
  • Data Housing Centers
  • Heavy Duty Shops
  • Warehouses
  • Manufacturing Plants
  • Laboratories
  • Machine Shops
  • Cold Storages
  • Correctional Facilities
Industrial Epoxy Flooring

The Rapid Maintenance Of

Industrial Epoxy Flooring
Heres what you can expect when maintaining your industrial epoxy floor coating:
  • The first step in maintenance is going the process of removing all foreign contaminants and materials from the epoxy system. To remove all dirt and debris, we recommend using a soft bristle broom or dust mop as a stiff bristle broom will leave behind more foreign materials on the flooring or can even leave small scratches on its surface.
  • After you are done sweeping the flooring, all you need to do to finish the job is a standard wet mop with a recommended chemical cleaner if needed. Because there are no messy waxes or polishes to be dealt with on the epoxy, you’re all done!
  • We urge our clients that deep cleaners and pressure washing are only to be done when completely necessary as the abrasive properties from most harsh chemicals and the high pressure from pressure washing can make the epoxy become dull.
  • To see other ways that you can spruce up the flooring in your industrial facility check out the homepage or give us a call today!
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Benefits Of Using

Industrial Epoxy Flooring
Industrial epoxy floor coatings are able to help your facility in more ways than one. Our team of industrial epoxy floor coating contractors have decades of experience installing industrial epoxy so you can have faith in knowing you have the best version of epoxy on the market. Down below you are going to find the most popular benefits that you stand to gain from using epoxy flooring:
Industrial Epoxy Floor Coating
Superior Durability
Heres how industrial epoxy flooring can make your concrete more durable:
  • Industrial epoxy has the ability to tolerate as much as 25,000 PSI and compared to even high grade concretes 3,500 PSI tolerance, our industrial coating is a huge upgrade
  • Epoxy is able to withstand damage from a wide range of culprits including dropped objects, scratches/abrasions and even the usage of heavy machinery due to its high tensile strength
  • Tests and studies have concluded that an industrial epoxy floor coating is capable of making your concrete slab up to 300 percent stronger than any other concrete coating on the market
Industrial Grade Epoxy Floor Coating
Increased Safety
Heres how our industrial coating can make your facility safer:
  • Industrial epoxy floors are capable of making facilities they are placed in up to 150% percent brighter without using additional lighting sources. This makes seeing what you are working on easier all while saving you money on your power bill
  • Another key feature of the light reflectivity of epoxy is that objects on the floor or tripping hazards are going to be easier to spot and deal with
  • Does your facility deal with moisture frequently? We can make your epoxy safe to walk on when wet with an additive that gives the flooring texture
Industrial Epoxy Floor Coating Contractor
What would a flooring system be if it didn’t last at least ten years, but epoxy can:
  • When properly installed and routine maintenance is performed, your epoxy can last upwards of 20-30 years even in the harshest facilities
  • Not only can the concrete coating of epoxy last decades, but studies have also shown that epoxy floors can make your concrete last an average of 2-3 times longer than a traditional concrete flooring system
  • Because of the decades-long service life of epoxy, the lifecycle costs of epoxy are one of the cheapest in the entire flooring industry, even cheaper than bare concrete floors!
Industrial Epoxy Floor Covering
Efficient Customization
Because the liquid state of epoxy flooring, there are no bounds in terms of customization for our flooring system. Here is how you can customize your industrial epoxy.
  • For a broad range of customization in reception or waiting areas, we offer a wide spectrum of base colors, the option to use single colored or multi-colored flakes or even metallic pigments.
  • To fully involve your company in these areas, we even you the choice to have your companies logo installed directly into the epoxy floor coating!
  • For your industrial areas, we offer you the option to use stencils to craft walkways, barriers, text and even arrows to make the area safer and more efficient
Floor Epoxy Industrial
Chemical Resistance
Where other flooring systems cant handle chemicals at all, industrial epoxy flooring does more than just deal with chemicals:
  • Industrial epoxy is already a highly chemical resistant flooring system but if your facility deals with a specific chemical regularly, there is a chance we can engineer your epoxy to defend against that specific chemical
  • When exposed to chemicals or any form of moisture, the nonporous surface of epoxy will isolate the spill on its surface to make clean up and disposal of the contaminate a breeze!
  • Epoxy will also close the chance that any chemicals come in contact with any underlying soils, eliminating the chance of any form of environmental damage or contamination
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