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Because the versatility of many commercial facilities, finding the perfect flooring for your workplace can be harder than many people might think. You need a flooring system that can protect your underlying concrete from damage all while being attractive and easy to maintain. For other flooring systems, this list of requirements can drive the cost of the flooring into the sky, but there is a flooring on the market that can handle anything your commercial facility can throw at it and more. The flooring system that we are offering to our business-owning neighbors in Cedar Rapids is known as the commercial epoxy flooring system. Wit hour commercial epoxy, your facility has the opportunity to:
  • Be Protected From A Wide Range Of Damage
  • Have A USDA Approved Flooring System
  • Have The Flooring Installed Within Days
Our team of contractors is dedicated to making sure your commercial facility is running more efficiently than ever before with our epoxies. We have all the information you need about epoxy flooring down below!
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The Industries Most Trusted Flooring
Facilities That Already Trust Commercial Epoxy Flooring
Because of the versatility of our commercial epoxy flooring, it doesn't matter what type of commercial facility you own. Our commercial epoxy flooring is capable of performing at a high level wherever it needs to be placed. Here is a general outline of facilities that strictly use commercial epoxy:
  • Food and beverage plants
  • Grocery stores
  • Medical facilities
  • Warehouses
  • Veterinarian clinics
  • Retail marketplaces
  • Airports
  • Government facilities
Commercial Epoxy Flooring

The Hygenic

Properties Of Commercial Epoxy
What commercial facility owners love the most about commercial epoxy flooring is how hygienic it is and how it can help keep their facility cleaner or even safer for those inside the facility. Heres the hygienic properties of commercial epoxy
  • Commercial epoxy floor coatings are one of the few flooring systems that are approved by the USDA for use in sensitive facilities such as the medical field and food/beverage processing plants.
  • The USDA has approved commercial epoxy because its nonporous and seamless surface allows for no germ or food particles to hide away and cause health hazards.
  • Not only does the commercial epoxy flooring do wonders for isolating these contaminants on its surface, but the nonporous surface of the epoxy floor coating paired with the superior chemical resistance of epoxy also makes disinfecting the flooring a one swipe process
  • Commercial epoxy is even resistant to all forms of mold and mildew
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How Commercial Epoxy Floors

Benefit Commercial Facilities
Many business owners solely use commercial epoxy for its cleanliness and modern aesthetic but there is so much more our floor coatings can bring to the table for your facility. Because the impervious chemical makeup of our commercial epoxy floor coating, our flooring solution can bring everything from improved chemical resistance to advanced safety implementations. Down below you will find the benefits that make commercial epoxy the commercial industries leading flooring system:
Commercial Epoxy Floor coating
Increased Durability
Here is how commercial epoxy can stand up to the harsh conditions found in commercial facilities:
  • Commercial epoxy uses the 100 percent solid epoxy base which is the strongest epoxy on the market. This base epoxy has the ability to tolerate 25,000 PSI compared to standard concrete 3,500 PSI tolerance
  • Commercial epoxy flooring can resist damage in the forms of dropped objects, heavy vehicle/foot traffic and even help resist and postpone the appearance of cracking
  • A commercial epoxy floor coating is even waterproof but it also has resistances in the form of damage resistance to fire and electricity
Commercial Epoxy Floor Contractors
Safer Flooring
Here is how a commercial epoxy floor coating can make your commercial facility safer than ever before:
  • Our flooring system offers excellent traction when in ideal circumstances but just as other floorings it can become slippery when it is wet. Epoxy has a way to provide traction even when wet or soiled through an additive that will give the flooring texture.
  • Commercial epoxy floors have the ability to make any area that they are placed in up to 300 percent brighter without additional lighting sources. This makes it easier to work and to spot objects/ tripping hazards on the flooring system
Commercial Concrete Epoxy
Efficient Customization
Where some floorings don’t allow for little to no customization, commercial epoxy flooring is able to make your facility more efficient through its customization and here’s how:
  • With commercial epoxy floor coatings, we can use stencils to create arrows, text, walkways, barriers and even vehicle paths that can help direct traffic, organize backrooms and overall help keep your workers out of harm’s way
  • The best feature of these stencils is that they are placed under the epoxies top layer so they are immune to damage and always visible
  • Looking for appeal? We offer a wide range of base colors, flakes and even metallic pigments
Commercial Concrete Floor Epoxy
Fast Installation
Here is what to expect as far as installation of commercial epoxy floors:
  • We offer a new type of commercial epoxy floor coating known as the quick cure epoxy. This epoxy can be ready for light duty in as little as one hour so your facility only sees a slowdown, not a shutdown
  • Don’t want a quick cure? Our team is capable of working in sections, the only downside to this installation method is that your epoxy will not be seamless
  • Don’t care about a shutdown? A standard epoxy floor coating can take as little as 4 days including cure time and settling!
  • To discover more ways that epoxy flooring can benefit your facility or to find other flooring options visit our homepage!
Commercial Epoxy Flooring Iowa
Chemical Resistance
Heres how commercial epoxy floors can help you reduce chemical damage in your facility:
  • Commercial epoxy floors are capable of withstanding damage from a wide range of chemicals and can even be altered to resist specific chemicals if your facility deals with a chemical regularly
  • The nonporous surface of epoxy flooring makes it easy to clean up all chemicals spills as well. All chemicals and moisture for that matter will be isolated on the epoxies surface for easy disposal
  • By isolating the chemical, it makes it impossible for the chemical to reach the underlying soils, thus preventing major environmental damage and contamination
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