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If we take a look back only 10 years ago, we would see that polished concrete in Cedar Rapids was only thought to be used for industrial or commercial settings. Fast forward to today, we are already seeing that concrete polishing has begun making great bonds in innovation with a wider range of customization options, leading to an interest in the flooring system in residential settings as well! Polished concrete has a lot to offer including:
  • Stained Concrete Can Complement Decor
  • Polished Concrete Can Make Spaces Feel Larger
  • Polished Concrete Is Ultra-Durable And Chemical Resistant
It doesn’t matter if you are trying to turn a drab and dark setting into a modern and welcoming area or if you are looking for a new flooring system for your business that doesn’t require any extra materials, a polished concrete flooring system has your back. Ready to learn more about our up and coming flooring system? We have all the information you need down below!
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A Trusted Flooring System
Where Polished Concrete Can Be Used
As we said before, many people only see polished concrete as an industrial or commercial flooring system. While they are fantastic in these settings, they are able to benefit other settings as well. Here is where concrete polishing can benefit you:
  • Garages/Auto Shops
  • Restaurants
  • Retail/Grocery Stores
  • Basements
  • Living Areas
  • Bathrooms
  • Veterinarian Clinics
  • Warehouses
  • Factories
  • Man Caves

What Is Concrete

Polishing In Cedar Rapids?
As one of the leading concrete polishing companies in Cedar Rapids, we use a multi-step process to transform your old and worn down concrete into a polished concrete flooring that goes like this:
  • The first step is applying our award-winning chemical densifier that will fill all pores of the concrete to give the flooring much-needed durability.
  • The actual polishing or grinding of the surface will begin with rough sanding, starting with 20 grit. After the initial grinding, we will increase the grit as we go and this is called lapping. We continue progressing with higher grits to the level of sheen you desire or all the way up to a 3000 grit for a mirror-like finish
  • When it comes to the total customization of your polished concrete floor, we offer a wide range of aggregates, stains, and anti-slip additives. We can even use etching or stains to create vivid colors or designs!
  • For more information about concrete polishing and to see similar services take a look at our homepage!
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Why You Should Use

Polished Concrete In Cedar Rapids
Because of the wide versatility of concrete polishing, you should already assume that this flooring system is jam-packed full of amazing benefits. Well, we are happy to say that you are not wrong! There are dozens of amazing benefits that you stand to gain from using a polished concrete floor and you will find the most popular benefits that you stand to gain down below:
Polished Concrete Floor
Durable Finish
Here is what polished concrete floors have to offer in the department of durability:
  • Because of the chemical hardener we use to polish the concrete, your flooring system will be resistant to forms of damage including but not limited to dents/chips, scratches and wear and tear from daily usage of the system
  • Because polishing is a concrete based system it is also waterproof and even resistant to forms of damage from fire and electricity
  • Polished concrete floors are even less likely to receive cracks on its surface thanks to the chemical hardener but unfortunately, cracks are still a common occurrence
Polished Concrete Floor
Accident Proof
We know that no matter if you are using our flooring in your home or business, floors are prone to accidents so why not use a flooring system that can help defend against the adverse effects?
  • Polished concrete floors are a highly stain resistant flooring as our hardener fills all pores of the concrete so no matter what you spill, it can be cleaned with ease!
  • Sometimes, accidents are bound to happen like when pipes burst or massive amounts of liquid spill onto the flooring. With polished concrete floors, you won’t have to worry because our flooring system is completely waterproof!
Polished Concrete Basement Floor
Low-Cost Flooring
What most home and business owners love about our concrete polished flooring system is that they are affordable on any budget. Heres why
  • When polishing concrete, there are no material costs because there are no materials that are going to be placed over your existing concrete meaning that your bill will mostly be labor costs!
  • The long lifetime of polished concrete plays a major role in the affordability as well as the lifecycle cost of polished concrete flooring is cheaper than carpet!
  • Let’s not forget about how your concrete won’t need any nasty waxes after it has been polished so you can save thousands on equipment and cleaning costs!
Increased Safety
With concrete polishing, you can expect that your home or facility is going to be much safer and here’s how:
  • Light reflects very efficiently off the surface of polished concrete and has been tested and proven to make any area it is placed in up to 150 percent brighter without needing to use additional lighting sources
  • With this superior light reflection, objects and or tripping hazards are going to be much easier to spot when working or walking with this flooring
  • Does your facility constantly deal with large levels of moisture? We have a silica sand additive that can give the flooring texture, hence making it safe to walk on when wet or heavily soiled!
Residential Polished Concrete Floors
Chemical Resistance
Where other flooring systems cant handle chemicals at all, Polished Concretedoes more than just deal with chemicals:
  • Polished Concrete is already a highly chemical resistant flooring system but if your Polished Concrete deals with a specific chemical regularly, there is a chance we can engineer your epoxy to defend against that specific chemical
  • When exposed to chemicals or any form of moisture, the nonporous surface of epoxy will isolate the spill on its surface to make clean up and disposal of the contaminate a breeze!
  • Epoxy will also close the chance that any chemicals come in contact with any underlying soils, eliminating the chance of any form of environmental damage or contamination
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