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Is your pool deck starting to show signs of age through cracks, gouges, and peeling? Are you tired of how outdated or ugly your concrete pool deck is? Where other contractors will try to convince you that the only way to get a better pool deck is to completely replace it, our team is dedicated to making sure you get the best possible product without breaking the bank! The process that can save you thousands of dollars and possibly even weeks of time is pool deck resurfacing and our team has decades of combined experience with this process! When you resurface your concrete you can:
  • Completely Customize Your Pool Deck
  • Help Your Concrete Last Longer.
  • Increase The Value Of Your Home
With pool deck resurfacing you have the opportunity to get the pool deck of your dreams easier than any other process. We have outlined all you need to know about our service down below!
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For The Pool Deck Of Your Dreams
Why You Should Consider Pool Deck Resurfacing
When it comes to resurfacing your concrete pool deck, there are bountiful reasons why so many homeowners are running at the chance to resurface. Down below you will find the reasons why the resurfacing process is becoming so popular in Cedar Rapids:
  • Costs thousands less than replacing concrete
  • Can significantly increase the value of your home
  • Offers a blank canvas that is fully customizable
  • Can help concrete last as long as possible
  • Will make the pool deck comfortable to use
  • Will make maintenance a breeze!
Pool Deck Resurfacing

For A Safe And

Durable Pool Deck Use Graniflex
Graniflex is rapidly becoming one of the most sought after pool deck material on the market because of its wide range of customization and long-lasting finish. Heres what you need to know about Graniflex:
  • With Graniflex, you have the opportunity to make your pool deck one of a kind as Graniflex looks exactly like granite! We even a wide array of base color, quartz and flake color combinations so the possibilities are endless!
  • We know that summer is right around the corner so we won’t waste your time with a coating that takes ages to install. With Graniflex you can have your brand new pool decking within days!
  • Not only does the coating last decades, but it is also extremely crack resistant so you won’t have to worry about nasty cracks making their way back onto your pool deck anytime soon.
  • Tired of your pool deck fading on you? With Graniflex, you won’t have to worry about this because our quartz and flakes offer permanent color retainment!
  • Concrete resurfacing can be used anywhere in your home, see all the places you can utilize resurfacing on the homepage
We Can Install or Repair Any Type Of Pool Deck
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Pool Deck Resurfacing Materials

Offered In Cedar Rapids
We didn’t become one of the top pool deck resurfacing companies in Cedar Rapids by limiting how our clients can customize their pool decking. We became so highly touted by offering some of the most exotic and modern pool decking coatings on the market at affordable rates! Down below you will find a few of the ways you can make your pool deck one of a kind:
Pavers Over Concrete Pool Deck
Heres what pavers can do as your pool decking:
  • Pavers over concrete pool deck are becoming one the most used methods of pool deck resurfacing due to the simple but elegant look they can bring to the backyard
  • BNot only are pavers beautiful, but they are also extremely durable so you won’t have to worry about your a pool party wreaking havoc on your deck. In the off chance a paver does break, you don’t need to call a professional, just simply pop a new one in its place
  • Pavers are also widely used for there ability to resist harsh chemicals found in the pool
Stamped Concrete Pool Deck
Stamped Concretes
Here is what a stamped concrete overlay can do for your backyard:
  • Stamped concrete overlays are one of the most exotic pool deckings on the market with the ability to be molded into intricate paver patterns and even look like natural stone.
  • Do you love wood decking but don’t want to deal with the time and costs of maintenance? Now you can have the attractive design of wood flooring with our wood stamped concrete
  • Stamped concrete offers the best protection from damage and harsh chemicals found in the pool thanks to the high-grade sealers we use on all of our coatings
Concrete Pool Deck
Here is what one of the most trusted pool decking suppliers can bring to your concrete pool deck:
  • With a knockdown texture, you will experience amazing traction when walking on the decking all while being comfortable to be on without sharp edges
  • Knockdown textures come standard with an acrylic paint coating that can make your decking up to 30 degrees cooler!
Resurface Pool Deck
Sealed Concrete
Heres how sealed concrete can impact your pool decking:
  • Sealed concrete is by far one of the most affordable concrete coatings on the market but don’t let that make you assume it is not worth it
  • Sealed concrete is able to be customized with colored pigments to give a subtle but noticeable tint to your concrete and you can even choose if you want a high or low gloss sheen sealer
  • You can still use additives on sealed concrete such as silica sand that gives the concrete texture so it is safe to walk on when its wet or heavily soiled
Pool Deck Repair
Pool Deck Repair
Not all pool decks need to be completely resurfaced. Here are your pool deck repair options:
  • Pool deck crack repair is the most common form of damage to pool decks and you can be fortunate enough to have minimal cracking. When cracks are minimal, we can simply repair and fill them so they are flush with the surface. After the cracks are repaired, our contractors can use the same material you have to make it look like there was never a crack there
  • Another form of repairs through repainting and resealing. When paints peel away and sealers fade, it looks a lot worse than it is and we can have it repaired in as little as 1 day!
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