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No matter how well your concrete has been installed or even how little you use your concrete, forms of damage ranging from cracks to peeling will occur no matter what. Where some concrete contractors in Cedar Rapids will try to blow this out of proportion, they are only making it sound more serious to make more money or even sell you on replacing your entire slab! Thankfully, we don’t want to scam you out of house and home, we have a process known as concrete resurfacing that will get your concrete back in functioning order. With one of our award-winning resurfaced concrete flooring systems you have the ability to:
  • Help Concrete Last Decades Longer
  • Experience Increased Performance
  • Providing Decades Of Service Life
Are you ready to learn more about the process that can save you thousands of dollars and weeks of time? We have all the information you need to know about our resurfacing services located down below.
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Completely Customizable
Materials Used In Resurfacing
We know that you want your resurfaced concrete to be a spectacle after dealing with the ugly and damaged state your concrete was in before it was resurfaced. Here is how we can customize your concrete slab after resurfacing:
  • Stamped Concrete
  • Rubberized Coatings
  • Metallic Epoxy
  • Rustic Wood Flooring
  • Artistic Overlays
  • Epoxy Flooring
  • Pavers
  • Graniflex
  • Sundek
Concrete Resurfacing

Why You Should

Resurface Your Concrete
Here are the leading reasons why you should have your damaged concrete resurfaced before its too late:
  • Twe urge our clients to always treat all cracks and other forms of damage with great urgency. When cracks and other damages are in the minor to mediate stages, we can resurface or even sometimes repair your concrete with little to no trouble at all. When forms of damage are left exposed for long periods of time we may not be able to save your concrete.
  • All of the concrete coatings that we use after the concrete has been resurfaced offer some form of protection against your concrete becoming damaged again or we even give you the option to stick with the plain slurry system. Either way, your concrete will have some form of protection
  • Another reason why so many homeowners and business owners love concrete resurfacing is a simple fact that you have the option to customize your flooring as much as you want. Down below you will find the top coatings offered with concrete resurfacing
  • Discover all of the ways that you can resurface your concrete surfaces by takeing a look at the homepage!
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Where You Can

Resurface Your Concrete
We didn’t become one of the leading concrete resurfacing companies in Cedar Rapids by only being able to resurface one area. We have a team of well-rounded concrete resurfacing contractors that have decades of combined experience working with all types and styles of concrete. Down below you will find the concrete resurfacing procedures that we perform the most in Cedar Rapids:
Concrete Resurfacing Contractors
Driveway Resurfacing
Driveways are a key transitioning point to any home so here’s why so many homeowners choose to resurface their driveways:
  • When your driveway becomes damaged, cracks become the home for nasty and unsightly weeds, oil stains become eyesores and depending on the size of cracks, they can even damage your car!
  • When compared to tearing out and replacing your concrete driveway, driveway resurfacing is much more affordable and won’t take nearly as long to perform
  • When you choose to resurface your driveway, you have dozens of materials at your disposal to customize your driveway, leading to your home being the envy of the neighborhood.
Commercial Concrete Resurfacing
Commercial Resurfacing
We know how harsh the environment can be in your commercial facility so here’s how concrete resurfacing can save you and your business thousands of dollars:
  • When forms of damage such as peeling and cracking occur, they are massive safety hazards. Not only are cracks and gouges tripping hazards, the top layer of concrete peeling away will drastically decrease your slip and skid resistance
  • By resurfacing your concrete, not only can you revive the appearance of your facility, but you can drastically increase the performance of your facility with commercial epoxy flooring or even concrete polishing to bring that toughness that your facility requires
Best Concrete Resurfacer
Patio Resurfacing
Patios are the most used spaces for entertainment in the residential setting so it can be a big deal if you have damaged concrete on your patio. Heres what we can do to help:
  • When it comes to coating your patio, we have ample materials that you can choose from to further your goals in reaching the backyard of your dreams including pavers, stamped concrete and even artistic concrete overlays
  • We know that most homeowners have some sort of greenery or landscaping around the patio that would need to be torn out when replacing your concrete, but thankfully not with concrete resurfacing!
Concrete Floor Resurfacing
Garage Floor Resurfacing
One of the most common areas that concrete becomes damaged is in the garage so here’s how resurfacing your garage floor can benefit you and your home:
  • When the garage floor becomes damaged, it can add even more of an eyesore to an already drab and gloomy environment. This can be depressing as the garage is an area that most families see every day.
  • The most common resurfacing procedure that our clients use is garage floor epoxy as it is our most durable, easy maintenance and customizable floor coating that we offer.
  • For a more affordable project, we use a gray micro topping to resurface concrete and many homeowners simply seal the micro-topping for its seamless and uniform appearance.
Exterior Concrete Resurfacing
Pool Deck Resurfacing
Another area that many homeowners have problems with is the pool deck and here’s how we can help:
  • Pool decks are constantly exposed to the harsh elements fay in and day out so they are prone to cracks, peeling and fading that can lead to serious safety hazards.
  • What most homeowners love about pool deck resurfacing is the simple fact that you have complete control in how you customize your pool deck as many homeowners don’t get the chance to when they buy homes with the pool already installed.
  • We only use award-winning materials that are trusted among pool decking contractors. The companies that we use the most are Sundek and concrete protectors Graniflex that can supply ample protection, slip resistance with the appearance of granite.
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