3 Things To Consider Before Getting Basement Epoxy

//3 Things To Consider Before Getting Basement Epoxy
3 Things To Consider

Before Getting Basement Epoxy

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When it comes to finding the perfect flooring system for your basement, few stand out. Other flooring systems such as carpet, wood, and even laminate won’t stand the test of time when in the basement due to high humidity levels, rendering it useless in as little as 2-3 years in most cases. Where other flooring fails, basement epoxy is able to pull through. While it is common knowledge that basement epoxy is one of the best flooring systems on the market, there are some things that you should consider before choosing epoxy as your basements flooring. So today, we are going to be going through a few things you should think about before making the call down below.
Evaluate Your Concretes Condition
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Whether you’ve had your concrete for years or if it’s brand new, before you consider a basement epoxy it is crucial that you know what condition your concrete is in. While epoxy can be installed on concrete that is smooth with small cracks, some conditions can take some extra time to make the concrete perfect for application. If your concrete is showing a small to large aggregate, your floor will need to be leveled to provide the best possible finish. If this is your case, you should expect the coating to take longer to install and cost a little more for the labor and materials.
Does Your Basement Drain?
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Does your basement have new drains, or does it tend to puddle? Well, the right installer can make the conditions of your basement suitable for epoxy through the process of pitching the slope to properly make the water flow to your french drain. But, if you find your basement flooding, the right epoxy installer can use epoxy to waterproof your basement! The epoxy used in the process of basement waterproofing can eliminate the moisture that rises through the basements concrete slab when installed correctly but for further protection, we recommend that you have your basement walls coated with a material such as rubberized vapor lock paint for maximum protection.
How Long Can Your Epoxy Be Down?
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Though the application process of epoxy flooring is a fast project, you need to be able to have your basement on lockdown for at least a couple days. For example, if your concrete is worse for wear, the preparation of your concrete may take longer than a slab that is smooth and almost free of cracks. However, the installation of epoxy after the preparation process has to go quickly as the material is time-sensitive. But depending on the type of epoxy you choose, there are varying cure times that can take up to 72 hours before they are fully cured. Make sure you have planned on your basement being out of order for at least 5 days.
Well, there you have it, 3 things you should consider before getting basement epoxy! We hope you have learned something from our article and no matter what path you decide to take, we wish you the best of luck on all of your home renovations to come!