Common Basement Problems & How To Solve Them

//Common Basement Problems & How To Solve Them
How To Solve

Common Basement Problems

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Studies have shown that when a basement is up to standard, it can be one of the most valuable rooms of your home. A report done by MLS has stated that homes with a finished basement warrant a 70-75% return investment from what you put in, drastically increasing the value of your property. But sometimes the wonderful extra space that is the basement develops problems that are common enough to happen to anyone. So whether you are looking to buy a home with a basement or find out what’s going on with yours, today we are going to be going over a few common basement problems and how you can solve them so let’s get down to it!
Bacterial Growth
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One of the biggest problems that most basements are faced with is the growth of unwanted bacteria that can leave strange odors and even endanger your health. Because basements are damp, bacteria like mold, mildew or fungi have a high chance to sprout without warning and spread to the rest of your home, so treat mold with haste! Studies have shown that 38 percent of homes with moisture problems develop mold or fungi!
If you think or know you have mold, make sure to get an abatement professional to your home ASAP. Once the mold has been treated, it may be time to start thinking about a dehumidifier or even finishing your basement with a concrete coating like epoxy which is resistant to the growth of these plagues.
Water Damage/Seepage
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Whether you find a small leak or a random puddle in your basement, its never a good sign and should not be taken lightly. You can save yourself thousands of dollars and a huge headache by catching a leak while it’s still small, avoiding the possibility of a major flood in your basement. Did you know that over 60 percent of homes with basements experience moisture damage? Or that 98% of homes have a wet basement at least once in their lifespan? If you are unfortunately caught in a basement flood, never walk or swim in the water. Dangerous bacteria or even electrical charges can make a bad time.
The solution? Well, if you are experiencing a small leak, its time to call a professional, even more so if you experience flooding. A professional basement waterproofing contractor can walk you through what your best options are from sump pumps, french drains and even epoxy injection followed by the coating of your basement. In extreme cases, exterior basement waterproofing may need to be done to keep our basement dry and safe.
Cracked Concrete Slabs
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Its doesn’t matter how new or high grade your concrete may be, cracks are the plague of all concrete slabs. Unfortunately, cracks in your basement are not the same as a crack in your driveway. A cracked basement slab can lead to significant flooding and even an invasion of unwanted pests like cockroaches or termites.
The route that most homeowners take when it comes to a cracked slab is to repair and coat. The most popular basement floor coatings as of 2019 are epoxy flooring, rustic wood concrete and metallic epoxy flooring for their ability to keep repairs and the slab protected while providing a dazzling finish that you can be proud to call your own. For the slab that is supporting your home, epoxies are recommended as they are up to 10 times stronger than your average concrete slab.
Us homeowners don’t like to hear it but basements can end up with more problems than one may think but thankfully, most of these problems have a solution. If you keep an eye out for the problems we outlined today, your life with a basement is smooth sailing! Good Luck!