Why You Should Invest In Basement Epoxy

//Why You Should Invest In Basement Epoxy
Why You Should

Invest In Basement Epoxy

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Are you looking for a coating for your basement that won’t only outlast traditional flooring systems but look good doing it? With national statistics showing that over 60% of existing homes with basements deal with a moisture problem, we know just how widespread moist basements are. Well, studies have shown that there is one basement floor coating that stands out above the rest, basement epoxy flooring. We know we know, epoxy is only useful in commercial and industrial facilities, right? Not at all! Today we are going to talk about what basement epoxy can do for you and why you should think about investing in it. Let’s get started!
Basement Waterproofing
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The biggest advantage that a basement epoxy can bring to your home is the feature of basement waterproofing. Basements are known to be especially damp and otherwise uncomfortable, unsafe and hard to store your possessions in without having to worry about them becoming ruined. With the right installation, an epoxy coating can create a layer of protection from the underlying moisture and your home better than any other interior coating. With the chances of a basement flood being 5 times more likely than a fire throughout a 30-year mortgage, the 100 percent waterproof finish of epoxy can save you thousands of dollars in the long run.
Return of Investment
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By digging around, we have found that the average price of coating your basement with epoxy can change with the contractor you use but nation averages have the going rate for epoxy at 4-6 dollars a square foot. With such a low upfront cost, epoxies have been known to be the cheapest flooring system in the long run as it can last up to 30 years when professionally installed. Homeowners have reported that fishing the basement with an epoxy coating can warrant a return investment of 70%-75%, adding significant value to your home. To top it all off, basement epoxies do not need harsh cleaning regiments including the use of waxes or polishes, keeping the lifetime service life cost of the flooring to a bare minimum.
The Customization
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Now that you know how basement epoxies can save you money in the long run, let’s talk a little about how you can make your basement one of a kind. The latest interior design trend of 2019 is epoxy for its long list of additives and options for customization it offers. Down below, we have outlined exactly what epoxy can bring to your basement:
  • Dozens of different color combinations
  • Multicolored or single-colored flakes
  • Metallic pigmentation
  • Silica sand additives to give the epoxy texture, make it safe to walk on when wet or soiled
Garage Floor Epoxy
As everyone knows, epoxy floors are much stronger than most traditional flooring systems and have even been tested to be up to 10 times stronger than standard concrete when installed by a professional. If you deal with a high traffic setting like under a shop or you have to deal with pets and children, a basement epoxy has more than enough to get the job done. Down below, you will find a few things that basement epoxy coatings can resist:
  • Scratches and abrasions from long pet nails
  • Impacts from dropped objects
  • Harsh cleaners that may be stored in the basement
  • Can resist damage from fire and electrical sources
These have been our reasons why we think you should invest in a basement epoxy floor coating. If you don’t know if epoxy is right for you, feel free to take a look at our home page for more information on the other services we can provide. No matter what route you decide to take, we wish you the best of luck on all of your home improvement projects to come!